The Power of Purity Podcast, Episode 149 - Full Disclosure with Greg from Washington - Part 4

POP 149.jpg

In the previous 3 episodes of the podcast - (episodes 146-148) - Tony interviewed Greg from Washington.

After these 3 episodes were already edited and in the process of being published... Greg contacted Tony with a concern.

He felt that he had not been clear enough with certain details of his story during the original interview... and he was concerned about this because he did not want to be dishonest... or duplicitous... in any way... and he did not want to misrepresent the truth about himself... or his walk of purity.

Greg's concern was this...

Although he did make a vow to God of sexual purity... and complete sexual abstinence... and although Greg did honor that vow for 3 entire years... he eventually came to the place before God and his own conscience... where he began allowing himself to masturbate again... on occasion… within the parameters of certain mental and spiritual limitations.

Greg wanted to bring absolute clarity to this part of his story... because he did not want to be dishonest in any way... nor cause a stumbling block to any other person by misrepresenting himself through his original interview.

For these reasons Tony decided to honor Greg's good conscience... and to present this additional aspect of Greg's story in the pursuit of absolute honesty and transparency.

Is it ever... under any circumstances... acceptable or appropriate for a Christian man to masturbate?

If a Christian man does masturbate... does that mean that he is dishonoring God with the expression of his sexual gift?

Tony speaks to these important questions... and others like them... in this spontaneous addendum to Greg's story.

Posted on December 4, 2018 .