The Power of Purity helps men experience sex in a healthier way through 5 primary resources:

1.  The Power of Purity Video Conference
2.  Books
3.  Support Groups
4.  Professional Counseling
5.  The Power of Purity Podcast

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Are you interested in experiencing your sexual gift in a healthier way?

Are you interested in practicing your sexual gift in a way that is honoring and pleasing to God?

Are you interested in learning to control your sexual gift instead of being controlled by your sexual gift?

The Power of Purity Video Conference consists of 30 video sessions that will help you achieve every one of these goals.

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The Toaster Smash

Watch this short video that illustrates the hurt, pain, and destruction we often bring upon our own lives when we use our sexual gift in ways that are inconsistent with with God's design and plan for human sexuality.


Jesus Catches Man Watching Porn

A man watching porn is interrupted by Jesus and makes 10 excuses. Watch this video to discover which excuse is acceptable to Jesus.