The Power of Purity Podcast, Episode 148 - Can A Single Man Honor God With The Expression of His Sexual Gift with Greg from Washington - Part 3

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This interview is with Greg from Washington.

Greg was married for 9 years when his wife discovered that he was having an affair.

During the dark days that followed... Greg's wife discovered The Power of Purity and Tony Ingrassia online... and gave the information to her husband.

Greg ordered and watched all 30 sessions of The Power of Purity Video Conference... and following that he contacted Tony to come to St. Louis for a week of intensive counseling.  

On the verge of loosing his marriage and his family... Greg was more broken and motivated than he had ever been to finally deal with the root issues of his sexual struggle... and was willing to do whatever it would take in order to become a healthier man.  

Although Greg had been a Christian for many years... and was very actively involved in church and serving the Lord... he struggled in secrecy to honor God with the expression of his sexual gift.

Although Greg was hopeful that his marriage and family could be saved... the difficult situation eventually led to a divorce... and the loss of his family.

This unexpected season of his life came with new challenges... because Greg was more committed to sexual purity than he had ever been before... and this led to the very difficult question...

Is it really possible for a single / divorced man to honor God with the expression of his sexual gift?

At the time of this interview Greg has been divorced for 4 years... and he shares with us the challenges... lessons... and joys... he's learned along the way on his new journey as he seeks to be the man of purity that God has called him to be.

Be blessed as you listen to Greg's story! 

Posted on November 26, 2018 .