The Power of Purity Podcast, Episode 144 - What My Struggle With Porn Has Been Like For Me with Greg from Louisiana - Part 1

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Episodes 111 & 112 of The Power of Purity Podcast were entitled:

What My Husband's Struggle With Porn Has Been Like For Me... with Renee from Louisiana. 

Now... in episodes 144 & 145 Tony interviews Renee's husband... Greg... in these 2 episodes entitled:

What My Struggle With Porn Has Been Like For Me... with Greg from Louisiana.

Greg is a Christian man who struggled with his addiction to pornography for many years.  Although he loved God... was involved in church... and was serving God in many ways... he seemed powerless to resist the temptation of pornography... and acted out over and over again.

In these episodes you'll hear much of Greg's journey... and what enabled him to finally begin achieving authentic victory over the pornography that held power in his soul for so long.

Although Greg hasn't achieved a perfect track record yet... he's come a remarkable way in his healing journey... and he's experiencing more freedom and victory over porn than ever before.

Greg is living proof that it really is possible...

A man who has struggled with pornography for many years can learn - through the power of Christ... to resist the temptation of porn... and honor both God and his wife through the expression of his sexual gift.

Posted on October 29, 2018 .