The Power of Purity Podcast - Episode 143 - Covenant Eyes Vice President - Sam Black - Part 2

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Do you know why they put guardrails next to the highway?

They do it to keep cars from running off the road!

In much the same way... God has called us as Christian men to journey on the "highway of purity" that he has intended for our lives.  But unfortunately many of us keep running off the road when we succumb to the temptation... over and over again... to look at Internet pornography... or to act out sexually in some other inappropriate way.

This is where Covenant Eyes comes in... because Covenant Eyes is like a "guardrail" that helps us stay on the highway of purity!

Covenant Eyes is an Internet safety tool that brings authentic accountability to your life through the power of "relationship" so you can break free from the destructive power that Internet pornography has held over your heart and life.

In this episode... Tony continues his interview with Sam Black... who is the Vice President of Covenant Eyes.  Sam helps us understand why Covenant Eyes is such an effective tool on the journey of purity... and shares the story of his own struggle to overcome Internet pornography.

It's a powerful story... and Sam Black is living proof that a man really can find freedom and victory from pornography through the work of Christ in his heart and life.

If you think the "guardrail" of Covenant Eyes could help you on your journey of purity... click on the link below... and you can try Covenant Eyes FREE for 30 daysto see if you like it.

If Sam Black can overcome pornography in his heart and life... so can you!

Posted on October 22, 2018 .