Whose fault is it? When a man watching porn is suddenly "caught" by Jesus, he tries to explain to the Lord why it's not really his fault that he's watching porn. Watch this short video to discover the surprising answer to the question, Whose fault is it?

Is Porn Controlling You?

Take the following Porn Test and find out.

1. Have you ever looked at porn for over one hour in one sitting?

2. Have you ever viewed porn at work against company policy?

3. Have you ever looked at porn when your conscience was telling you not to do it?

4. Have you ever had to hide the fact that you were looking at porn from someone close to you?

5. Have you ever lied to someone close to you about your use of porn?

6. Have you ever tried to stop or limit your use of porn, but were unable to do so?

7. Have you ever suffered seriously negative consequences from your use of porn - such as the loss of relationship or the loss of a job?

If you answered "YES" to any of these questions, you might have a problem with porn. There is a solution! Visit The Power of Purity Conference or The Power of Purity Men's Group for the answers and encouragement you are seeking!