Men's Power of Purity Support Group 



We live in a culture that surrounds men with constant sexual temptation, and many men struggle with these temptations. This doesn't mean we're "bad"; it just means we're human.  This group helps men find practical answers that will help them manage their sexual gift in a healthier way.  We believe with God’s help it's possible to control our sexuality instead of it controlling us.

Can a man be set free from his addiction to porn?

Can God help a man despite his many sexual failures of the past?

Can a man learn to bring his sexual gift under the authority of Christ?

Visit the Men's Power of Purity Group for the answers and encouragement you're seeking!

This group meets one time per week in the St. Charles Missouri area.

If you're interested, you're invited to contact Tony for more information about this group.

If you're interested in starting a group in your area, we'd love to help you with the tools and resources that would enable you to do so.