The Power of Purity Podcast, Episode 185 - BioBalance Health with Dr. Kathy Maupin - Part 1

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As we've already identified on The Power of Purity Podcast... a very serious problem that many couples struggle with is when there's a significant disparity in the level of sexual desire between the two partners.  

What should a couple do when one person is highly sexed... and the other person has little to no sexual desire or appetite?

One of the primary reasons people struggle with diminished sexual desire is because of what's happening organically within their physical body.  If a person's hormone levels are out of balance it can and will radically effect their life in many ways... including their daily motivation in life... their level of energy... their overall attitude... their sense of well being... their physical health... and their sexual desire and appetite.  And this is exactly how Dr. Kathy Maupin helps so many people achieve higher levels of success... happiness... and wholeness in their lives.

Dr. Kathy Maupin is a leading expert in bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, and in treating the symptoms of aging.  She is also the author of “The Secret Female Hormone“, the seminal work about hormone replacement therapy for women.

The headquarters for BioBalance Health is located in St. Louis MO, with offices in Kansas City MO, and Pasadena, CA.  People travel from all over the United States and several other countries to become a BioBalance Health patient.  Dr. Maupin and her staff are dedicated to providing personalized care and have extensive knowledge in bio-identical hormone replacement therapy for both men and women.

Dr. Kathy has written 2 books... including one book for women and one book for men.

The Secret Female Hormone- How Testosterone Replacement Can Change Your Life

Got Testosterone?- Men - Return To The Sexier, Smarter, and Stronger You!

On a personal note...

As the host of The Power of Purity Podcast... Dr. Kathy contributed in a significant way to the healing journey of my relationship and marriage... and I highly recommend Dr. Kathy and BioBalance Health to any person who might be struggling with diminished sexual desire in any way. Tony Ingrassia

You will be blessed by this fascinating interview! 

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Posted on August 12, 2019 .