The Power of Purity Podcast, Episode 171 - Authentic Intimacy with Dr. Juli Slattery - Part 1

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Dr. Juli Slattery is a clinical psychologist, author, speaker and the President of Authentic Intimacy.  Juli earned her college degree at Wheaton College, an MA in psychology from Biola University, an MS and a Doctorate degree in Clinical Psychology from Florida Institute of Technology.

From 2008-2012, Dr. Slattery served at Focus on the Family writing, teaching, and co-hosting the Focus on the Family daily radio broadcast. In 2012, she left Focus on the Family to start Authentic Intimacy, a ministry devoted to reclaiming God’s design for intimacy.

Juli is the author of ten books, host of the weekly podcast “Java with Juli”, and a member of the board of trustees for Moody Bible Institute. 

Dr. Juli's books include...

(1) Rethinking Sexuality– God’s Design And Why It Matters

(2) Passion Pursuit– What Kind of Love Are You Making

(3) Sex and The Single Girl

(4) Finding The Hero In Your Husband

(5) 25 Questions You’re Afraid To Ask About Love, Sex and Intimacy

(6) Surprised by The Healer– Embracing Hope For Your Broken Story

(7) No More Headaches– Enjoying Sex & Intimacy In Marriage

(8) Pulling Back The Shades– Erotica, Intimacy and The Longings of A Woman’s Heart

(9) Beyond The Masquerade– Unveiling The Authentic You

(10) Guilt Free Motherhood– Parenting With Godly Wisdom

Through her ministry... Authentic Intimacy... Dr. Juli helps people understand the beauty of God's plan and holy design for sexual intimacy.

Among many other topics... Tony and Dr. Juli discuss the following quote from her website... 

We believe that God intentionally created us as sexual beings, that every sexual choice is a spiritual choice, that sexuality is a powerful metaphor, and that Satan intentionally works to destroy the holy expression of sexuality.

Juli and her husband Mike are the parents of 3 sons; they live in Akron, Ohio.

Posted on May 7, 2019 .