The Power of Purity Podcast, Episode 167 - Delight Your Marriage with Belah Rose - Part 2

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Belah Rose is a wife... a mom... an author... an intimacy coach... and the producer of the Delight Your Marriage Podcast!

Through the Delight Your Marriage Podcast... Blah interviews guests... and shares information and wisdom on a variety of topics including... relationships... marriage... intimacy... sensuality... sexuality... femininity... self-image... and self-improvement.

Belah's heart to help women in the areas that so many women struggle with... was born from the deepest hurt... pain... and failures of her own life.  

* A first marriage that included emotional, physical, spiritual, and sexual abuse

* A divorce

* Doubts and disappointments in God

* A period of significant promiscuity

* An unexpected pregnancy out of wedlock

* A husband who wasn't interested in spiritual things

* Guilt

* Regret

* Loneliness

* Shame

Belah is an amazing example that reveals God's incredible ability to heal and redeem deeply broken people... and deeply broken marriages!

By God’s IMMENSE grace, I transformed my past and started teaching Christian women how they can do the same: I see them feel powerful and sexy and become fully whole in their marriage and honor their divinely feminine essence to witness their husband transform into the man they have wished and prayed that he would become.  Belah Rose

In this episode... among other things... Tony and Belah talk about "Masculine Sex" and "Feminine Sex"... and how these two aspects of sex complete God's design for sex within marriage. 

Posted on April 8, 2019 .