The Power of Purity Podcast, Episode 164 - Surviving An Affair with Wade and Rachel Anderson - Part 1

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Wade & Rachel Anderson have an amazing story!

Wade struggled with pornography his entire life... and after almost 20 years of marriage to Rachel... he finally crossed the "flesh barrier"... and became involved in an affair that lasted for 2 years.

After deciding he was going to leave his wife and family to pursue his relationship with the other women... Wade and Rachel came to a fateful night.

Rachel asked Wade... "Are you involved with another person?"

Wade responded... "We need to sit down and talk."

After finally telling his wife the truth... she responded by telling him two different things that had a profound impact on his hard heart.

First, she said... "I'll never leave you... no matter what."

And second, she said... "If you're going to leave us... you have to be the one to tell our kids."

In a mystery... God used those two statements to hit Wade like a ton of bricks... because he fully expected for Rachel to kick him out of their house immediately.

Later... he wrote in a letter to Tony... "I thought she would surely kick me out.  Instead the Holy Spirit gave her a gift to forgive me and show me amazing grace.  I was so taken back that I became a prisoner of Christ."

Wade & Rachel have now been in counseling for the past year... and although it's been a difficult journey... they've made significant progress on the Healing Path that God has intended for their hearts... lives... and marriage.

Wade & Rachel have put together a "healing package" that they now offer to other couples who find themselves in a similar place of brokenness and despair.  That package includes the following items:

* A personal letter of encouragement from Wade & Rachel

* A bible

* The business card of a local counselor

* The book - Shattered Vows- Debra Laaser

* The book - Keep Walking- Lynn Marie Cherry

* The book - How To Help Your Spouse Heal From Your Affair- Linda MacDonald

* The book - Wild At Heart- John Eldredge

* A personal journal to write in

Wade & Rachel are living proof that God is still in the business of healing deeply broken people... and deeply broken marriages.  Be blessed and encouraged as you listen to their story!

Posted on March 18, 2019 .