The Power of Purity Podcast, Episode 160 - HELP! My Wife Doesn't Want Sex - Part 2

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Tony recently received a letter from a man asking for help because his wife doesn't want sex.

Of course... this creates great difficulty in this man's heart and life... because he does want to have sex with his wife.

In the letter... this man explains...

* That his wife has very little desire for sex.

* That when she does have sex with her husband... she does it for him... even though she doesn't really enjoy it.

* How difficult it is for him to have sexual desire when his wife isn't interested.

* How he doesn't just want sex... but he wants a deeper connection and intimacy with his wife.

* How he longs for his wife to "want" to have sex with him... and not just offer him "duty sex".

Through this letter... this man is asking for some help and guidance on how to manage this difficult issue in his marriage.

In response... Tony shares 8 principles intended to help this couple with this challenge.

What should a couple do when there's a significant disparity between their levels of sexual desire?

What should a couple do when one person wants sex more than the other person?

In the second episode of this 3 part series... Your Wife Doesn't Want Sex... Tony shares principles 4 - 6 of his response.

Posted on February 18, 2019 .