The Power of Purity Podcast, Episode 109 - Temptation Preparation - Part 2

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What would you do if you somehow knew a thief was coming in the near future to break into you home with the intention to perpetrate harm upon you and your family?

* You would probably be concerned about the situation. 

* You would probably be on guard... watching and waiting for the imminent attack that you know is coming.

* You would probably try to prepare in advance of the attack... so that when it happened you could immediately respond and defend yourself accordingly.

Yet so many Christian men have absolutely no plan whatsoever to handle the perpetual attacks of temptation that they know they'll be facing on a very regular basis.

In these three episodes (108-110) Tony shares 8 principles of temptation... and 10 practical ways men can be prepared to respond... so they're not caught off guard.. and they immediately know what to do in the face of temptation.

You can learn to control temptation instead of being controlled by temptation!

In this episode Tony shares the first 4 practical ways to respond to temptation.

I Peter 5:8

Proverbs 22:3

Proverbs 7:6-10

James 1:14-15

Posted on March 6, 2018 .