The Power of Purity Podcast, Episode 151 - Every Woman's Battle with Shannon Ethridge - Part 2

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Shannon Ethridge is a million-copy best-selling author, international speaker, certified life coach, and advocate for healthy sexuality with a master’s degree in counseling and human relations from Liberty University.

Shannon speaks to high school and college students, single adults, and married couples about:

Embracinga lifestyle of sexual integrity

Overcomingpast sexual & emotional baggage

Cultivatinggenuine intimacy in marriage

Instillingsexual values in young children

Shannon has written 22 books... including...

* Every Woman's Battle

* The Fantasy Fallacy

* The Passion Principles

* The Sexually Confident Wife

 Tony had prepared an entire list of questions for Shannon in advance of this interview... but their conversation was so spontaneous that they never made it to the prepared questions.

In this episode... and the next... among other topics... Shannon shares some of her story... and talks about how the power of fantasy invites married couples into the deeper eroticism and ecstasy that God has intended for them.    

Shannon currently resides in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Posted on December 17, 2018 .