The Power of Purity Podcast, Episode 74 - Introduction To Sexual Abuse

In this episode Tony presents an introduction to the topic of sexual abuse... which will be followed in the next two episodes (75 - 76) with an interview of Dr. Dan Allender who is a nationally recognized expert on the topic of sexual abuse.

Many people struggle deeply in the attempt to manage their sexual gift in a healthy way... and many Christian people act out sexually in a variety of ways in violation of their profession of faith and their conscience.  This acting out often includes Internet pornography... compulsive masturbation... phone sex... cyber sex... strip clubs... sex massages... prostitutes... fornication... and adulterous affairs... among many other things.

The reason people act out sexually in this way is typically due to a combination of influences that have come to bear in their life and soul... and one of those influences that occurs more often than many people realize is the reality of sexual abuse.  

In the way of example... both Tony and his wife Sheri were sexually abused during adolescence... but neither one of them understood that they had been sexually abused until they began their therapeutic process later in life.

In this episode Tony provides a brief introduction to the topic of sexual abuse including...

* The reality that more people have been sexually abused than realize they've been sexually abused.

* The proper definition of sexual abuse.

* Eight examples of what sexual abuse can look like.

* A basic introduction of how sexual abuse follows a person into their life and affects them in greater ways than they've probably ever understood.

* A real life testimony from a person who was sexually abused as a child.

WARNING... please to NOT assume this topic does not apply to you until you hear this episode.  When you understand the true definition of sexual abuse... you might just realize that what happened to you really was sexual abuse... and it might help you understand a little better why you've struggled with sex as much as you have. - Tim Ross


Posted on July 4, 2017 .