The Power of Purity Podcast, Episode 72 - BONUS EPISODE - Attacking The Gates Of Hell

In this BONUS EPISODE Tony shares his heart and vision to "ATTACK THE GATES OF HELL" by putting The Power of Purity Podcast within the reach of hundreds of thousands of additional men.

The issues of sexual temptation... Internet pornography... and sexual addiction... are something that so many men are struggling with in this day and age.  Most of these men are struggling all alone... because these issues provoke deep shame... and most men are reluctant to admit their struggle to anyone... and don't know where to turn for the tools and answers that can help them win this battle.

The GOOD NEWS is that many men WILL listen to a podcast on the topic of sexual purity... because they can do so with complete privacy and anonymity.  

Because of this God is blessing and using the podcast format to bring the message of purity... and HOPE... to countless men who are desperately struggling with sexual issues.

Through the podcast format...

* Men are finding the help... encouragement... hope... and the tools they need to experience their sexual gift in a healthier way

* Men are being set free from sexual addictions

* Chains of bondage and captivity are being broken from men's hearts... lives... and souls

* Marriages and families are being rescued and healed

* Men are being set free to rise up into the calling and destiny God has placed upon their lives so they can be the "Warrior Poet" God has called them to be... and they can accomplish the exploits for God's Kingdom for which they were created

In this episode Tony shares a unique opportunity that's available to put The Power of Purity Podcast within the reach of hundreds of thousands of additional men.

In so doing... we will be ATTACKING THE GATES OF HELL... and we will be unleashing massive amounts of destruction upon the kingdom of darkness.

In this episode you'll discover how these objectives can be accomplished through the unusual combination of the following ideas...

* 13 weeks

* 91 days

* 112 stations

* 500 per day

* 15 states

* 600,000 men

* .73 cents


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Posted on June 21, 2017 .