The Power of Purity Podcast, Episode 31 - Change My Heart Oh God - Part 4

Did you ever wonder why sex holds so much power in your life, and why you're still struggling to manage your sexual gift in a way that's honoring to God?  

In the same way a see-saw hinges and shifts from side to side on a fulcrum point... what if there was a "fulcrum issue" that would allow you to shift your life and sexual gift from the side of bondage, sin, and failure to the other side of freedom, righteousness, and success?  

In this series of episodes (28-32) Tony shares what that "fulcrum issue" is... along with 8 corresponding principles... that will empower you...

* to experience your sexual gift in a healthier way.

* to begin to control sex instead of being controlled by sex.

* to honor God with you sexual gift.

What most guys typically do in their struggle with sex is attempt to use strategies and techniques that will never work to change their lives... and it's in these episodes that you'll discover the "fulcrum issue" that will truly change your life and the way you experience your sexual gift. 

If you're sincerely interested in being a healthier man when it comes to sex... these episodes are critically important to your journey.

In this episode you'll discover "the currencies of the kingdom"!

Posted on September 12, 2016 .