The Power of Purity Podcast - Episode 27 - The High Price of Pornography - Part 4

Looking at porn isn't really that big of a deal.  Right?  I mean... everybody does it... and if nobody knows I'm doing it, who is it really hurting?

These are the kind of thoughts many men have as the justify, rationalize, and minimize their use of porn.  And that's part of the reason that so many men look at porn... because if it's not that big of a deal... and it isn't hurting anything or anybody... then what's the difference?  

In this session Tony helps men understand that in reality... they're paying a much bigger price for looking at porn than they think they're paying.  When you throw a rock in a pond there are consequences, because the rock makes a splash and creates ripples.  In much the same way, when a man looks at porn, whether he knows it or not, there are consequences in his life, and you can no look at porn and have no consequences than you can throw a rock in a pond and not make a splash or ripples.

In this series - The High Price of Pornography - Tony shares a total of 10 "prices" men are paying when they look at porn... and in this episode (27)... he covers the 9th and 10th "prices".

Check it out!

Posted on August 15, 2016 .