The Power of Purity Podcast, Episode 23 - Electric Sex

What would sex be like if it was the most amazing, awesome, mind-blowing, incredible, mysterious, and spiritual sex of your life?

What would sex be like if it was blessed by God with everything that's good, wonderful, delightful, pleasurable, and safe... and devoid of any barrier, encumbrance, inhibition, insecurity, self-protection, or shame?

In this episode Tony helps us to imagine what sex would be like if we could experience it the way God originally designed it to be experienced... the way Adam and Eve must have experienced sex before the fall... and before sin entered the world.  (i.e. Sex before fig leaves!)

When we begin to glimpse the beauty of God's design for sex... it helps us to realize that the cultures version of sex - that so many of us have experienced - is a pathetic counterfeit when compared to the God version of sex that he has intended for us.

In this episode Tony offers 5 vignettes that will invite you to imagine sex like you've never imagined sex before... or what might be called... ELECTRIC SEX!

Posted on July 18, 2016 .