The Power of Purity Podcast, Episode 16 - Get Back In The Battle - Part 1

How To Get Back In The Battle For Your Own Sexual Purity

As a pastor and a professional counselor, there's something I've noticed over and over again in the lives of Christian men - so many men have given up in the battle for their own sexual purity.  

Sometimes men come to the place where they simply give up the fight.  They acquiesce... they surrender... they wave the white flag to the enemy... they give up... they give in... and they're no longer engaged in the fight for purity.  

Said another way, what these men have essentially done is given themselves over to their sexual sin and are no longer even trying to fight against it.  It's as if they've accepted this as a reality of their life that they cannot change, and as a result they've given up even trying to change.

In this episode - and the next - you'll discover 3 primary reasons Christian men often withdraw from this battle, and what it's going to take for a man to "get back in the battle" for his sexual purity.

One thing's for sure - if a man's going to be a man of purity, it's not going to happen on accident, and he's going to have to "get back in the battle".

Posted on May 30, 2016 .