The Power of Purity Podcast, Episode 10 - Sons of Phinehas

In the beginning of this episode Tony talks about what it might look like for a small group of men of start a Power of Purity group.

In an odd story in the Old Testament, a man named Phinehas is zealous for God's honor when sexual immorality is rampant among the men of Israel.  In his zeal, Phinehas takes radical action while a man and woman are in the very act of sexual intercourse, and God blesses Phinehas as a result.  In much the same way, God is still looking for men who will be zealous for the Lord when it comes to the issue of sexual purity.  Could it be that you and I are called to be "Sons of Phinehas"?

Scriptures referenced include Isaiah 55:8-9 / Romans 12:2 / I Thessalonians 4:3-6 / Numbers 25:1-13

Posted on May 2, 2016 .