The Power of Purity Podcast, Episode 12 - Kris Bishop - Part 2

Hear the second half of Kris Bishop's AMAZING story... a man who struggled for years with pornography in the context of his marriage.  Although the habitual use of pornography became firmly established in his life as early as high school, Kris assumed his issue with porn would go away when he got married.  Little did he know that marriage would not solve his problem, but would in fact expose his problem with porn.  As his struggle with porn continued over the early years of his marriage... and as his wife caught him over and over again... it began to take a disastrous toll on both their relationship and their marriage.  As the distance and disconnection between Kris and his wife - Jamie - grew over time, their dilemma escalated toward the total destruction of their marriage and home.  In the darkest of days it appeared there was no more hope... until God intervened in their hearts and lives in a surprising way.  Does the use of pornography harm a marriage?  Can God heal and redeem a deeply broken marriage?  Listen to this surprising story and find the answers!

Posted on May 11, 2016 .