The Power of Purity Podcast, Episode 46 - When You Or Your Spouse Doesn't Like Sex - Part 3

Sex is a wonderful, awesome, and mysterious gift that God has given us to delight in within the context of marital exclusivity.

Through sexual intimacy married couples are intended to experience deep and profound relational values such as intimacy, connection, union, trust, caring, and love.

In view of this wonderful gift... and these wonderful benefits... you'd think every married person would anticipate... desire... and fully enjoy the pleasures and ecstasy of sexual connection with their spouse on a regular basis.

Yet many people... both men and women... struggle deeply with significantly diminished sexual desire or interest... and often do everything they can do to avoid... or at least limit... sexual contact with their spouse. 

As you can only imagine, this lack of sexual interest and avoidance often leads to significant tension, confusion, misunderstanding, and hurt in the context of the marriage... especially if the other spouse has sexual desire and interest.

What if one person in the marriage in interested in sex... and the other person is not? 

What if one person in the marriage wants and needs sex more than the other person?

In this very important series of 5 episodes (43-47), Tony exposes 4 common reasons that contribute to low sexual desire, and then shares 9 principles that will help and encourage those who are interested in increasing their level of sexual interest and desire... so they can become sexually present in their marriage in a healthier way.

In this episode Tony shares the 4th reason people often struggle with diminished sexual desire, and the first 2 principles of what to do about it!


Posted on December 26, 2016 .