The Power of Purity Podcast, Episode 42 - Better Sex In Marriage with Keelie Reason - Part 2

Tony's guest on this episode is Keelie Reason... who is known as "The Sex Talk Lady"... and authors the website

Keelie noticed that so many women around her were struggling with sex within the context of their marriages, and were often reduced to "duty sex" as a kind of responsibility to their husbands.

Keelie's passion is to encourage women to enjoy sex with their husbands instead of just enduring sex, and through her ministry she provides the practical information, resources, and tools that equip women for the journey toward greater sexual wholeness and health.

In these episodes (41 & 42) Tony and Keelie discuss important topics such as...

* What to do about the challenge when one spouse is low desire and one spouse is high desire

* How to "get in the mood" when you're not in the mood

* Dealing with the sexual baggage of your past

* How to initiate sex with your spouse

* The importance of communicating about sex

* Becoming adventurous in the bedroom

* Keeping sex from becoming routine

* Using sex games in the bedroom

* And Much Much More...

Join Tony and Keelie as they discuss tips, strategies, ideas, and suggestions that will help you be healthier sexually in the context of your marriage!

Visit for more resources and information.

Posted on November 28, 2016 .