The Power of Purity Podcast, Episode 35 - The Sexual Alliance - Part 1

It's God's will, plan, and design that a married couple have a SEXUAL ALLIANCE... which means they limit any and all expressions of their corresponding sexualities exclusively to one another.  

This means that your bodies... your thoughts... your hands... your eyes... your tongues... your penis... your vagina... your breasts... your orgasms... belong exclusively... completely... totally... 100% to one another as a married couple! 

Did you know that most couples think they have a SEXUAL ALLIANCE... but in reality many couples do NOT have a true SEXUAL ALLIANCE?

The SEXUAL ALLIANCE is incredibly important to the health and welfare of every marriage... and it's the SEXUAL ALLIANCE that will empower... and put purity within your reach as a married person. 

In this 6-part series - THE SEXUAL ALLIANCE - Tony shares 19 principles that will help married couples establish a SEXUAL ALLIANCE with one another that really works... and in this session Tony covers principles 1 through 5.


Posted on October 10, 2016 .