The Power of Purity

$14.99 + 4.00 S&H

The issue of sexuality is central to manhood and masculinity, and it represents for many men one of the most common areas of struggle and challenge. This book is intended for regular guys who are interested in experiencing their sexual gift in a healthier way, and interested in bringing their sexual gift under the authority of Christ. The central message of this book can be reduced to the simple phrase, "fruit comes from roots." If a man is struggling with the ongoing "fruit" of sexual sin in his life, it is typically because of unholy "roots" that have never been properly dealt with in a godly way. The Power of Purity clearly exposes the six unholy roots of sexual sin that are common to many mens lives, and invites the reader to renounce the power and break the authority of each root from his life. As these ungodly "roots" are understood and broken, men will be set free to walk in higher levels of sexual freedom than ever before.