The Power of Purity Conference

Session 16: Breaking the Power of Generational Sin

Length - 36 mins
Digital Download (Purchase) - $4.99
Online Streaming (48-Hour Rental) - $1.99

The Bible has much to say about curses, bondages, familiar spirits, and generational sin. In the same way a leaf that has fallen into a river will be swept along by the current into which it has fallen, human lives are often swept along by the tendencies, proclivities, and inclinations that have existed in their family of orgin throughout previous generations. Tony eventually came to see and understand that his struggle with sexual brokenness was not just about his solitary individual life, but was in fact deeply effected by powerful generational influences within his family of origin. In this session you'll discover the very important spiritual principle of generational repentance, and how this can contribute to your own sexual healing in a significant way. Includes a prayer of generational cleansing and healing over your life.