The Power of Purity Conference

Session 08: Understanding Your Story

Length - 1 hr 9 mins
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As a professional counselor Tony has come to believe that many people do not understand the "story" of their very own life. They may remember many historical events - my sister was killed in a car accident when I was nine years old; my mother was an alcoholic; I was raped when I was thirteen years old; I found my father's pornography when I was ten years old - but not understand how these various events have deeply affected them and shaped them into the person they eventually became. Understanding the "story" of your own life will allow you to understand yourself better than you ever have before, and help you to cooperate with God as he brings his light, truth, healing, and redemption to the most wounded, broken, painful, and shameful places of your life. When Tony began to understand the "story" of his life, it allowed him to understand the origins of his sexual brokenness, and it prepared him to receive the healing and freedom of God in a greater way than ever before. Discover seven key principles that will help you journey into the "story" of your own life as you discover the healing of God in a greater way than ever before.