The Power of Purity Conference

Session 07: The Currencies of the Kingdom

Length - 25 mins
Digital Download (Purchase) - $4.99
Online Streaming (48-Hour Rental) - $1.99

Imagine if you had a used car to sell, and after test driving and inspecting the car, an interested person offered you 30 goats and 100 chickens in exchange for your car. Surprised by their offer, you later learn that in the country where they were born, people commonly trade with the "currency" of goats and chickens. You would no doubt reject their offer because they're offering you a currency you're not interested in. In much the same way, many people, in their quest to do "business" with God in their life, often are offering God currencies that God is not even interested in. In this session you will discover the true "currencies of the kingdom"; the things you can bring to God that will absolutely compel him to unleash his grace, mercy, power, healing, and redemption upon your life, so you can become a truly changed and new person.