The Power of Purity Conference

Session 06: The Heart of the Matter

Length - 20 mins
Digital Download (Purchase) - $4.99
Online Streaming (48-Hour Rental) - $1.99

Imagine a farmer who decides to clean up the barnyard pig. He brings the pig in the farmhouse, gives it a bath, puts perfume on it, and even ties a yellow ribbon around its neck. Then, proud of the job he's done in cleaning up the pig, the farmer releases it back into the barnyard. What do you think is the very first thing that pig is going to do? He's going to jump right back in the mud, because even though the farmer cleaned up the pig on the outside, the pig was still a pig on the inside! In much the same way, a man cannot become a new and different person on the outside until he first becomes a new and different person on the inside. In this session discover why an inward change of heart is absolutey necessary before there can ever be a true and lasting change of outward behavior.