The Power of Purity Conference

Session 02: Tony's Story

Length - 1 hr 26 mins
Digital Download (Purchase) - $4.99
Online Streaming (48-Hour Rental) - $1.99

This is the amazing and powerful story - including the good, the bad, and the ugly - of Tony's journey from sexual brokenness to sexual healing - from sexual bondage to sexual freedom. Through Tony's unusual honesty and vulnerability, you'll learn how sex came to represent for him, not only the deepest pain, disobedience, and bondage of his life, but also the greatest expression of the love, power, and healing of God he has ever experienced. Tony's story proves that no person or problem is outside the redemptive reach of God, and that it truly is possible for a person who has struggled deeply with sexual brokenness and bondage to find and experience sexual healing and redemption through the very powerful grace, mercy, and love of God.